Have a Dirty Cashmere Pashmina? Here’s How to Wash It

Washing a cashmere pashmina

Up from the hills of the Himalayas comes one of the finest wool – ‘pashm’ which creates the very enticing cashmere pashmina. Dating back to the Iranian and Mughal times, this heritage apparel has made its way to the fashion domain and is a ‘must-have’ garment both for men and women.

Coming in a variety of combinations as – knitted, cotton and silk, you must ensure complete care to these shawls. From using mild detergents and shampoos to using it carefully, you have to be very watchful while handling a pashmina.

It is the care that shows on the edges of pashminas and holds it strong for a lifetime.

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Doubtful About Pashmina and Cashmere? It’s the Same!

A cashmere pashmina pile

Are you a fan of online shopping? Or for that matter, does any format of shopping interest you? Well, then you must have faced ample situations wherein you have been tricked by certain fraudulent sellers. What was it this time? A cashmere pashmina that you thought you were getting at a lower price? That’s quite a pity; however, YOU ARE NOT THE ONLY ONE!

Going by the current rates, price of cashmere shawls cannot be anything less than $20-$50 in the international market. In case, you get it at a lower rate than this, there are high chances that you are being cheated.

So, what must you know to save yourself such fraudulence? Scroll down and take a look!

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