Making a Cashmere Scarf a Fashion Statement for Social Gatherings

A cashmere scarf is worth being made a statement piece for the next social gathering you go to, be it casual or formal. Here are some best reasons why it deserves the coveted position out of all luxurious fabrics.

Finest quality

These scarves are finished with wool of finest quality. A high-quality cashmere fabric comes with dual ply weaving, making its knit distinct. Also, they do not pull, pile or show any holes in the knit. These luxurious wrapping options become more special for the comfort they provide while you wrap them around your shoulder.

Royal association

The fabric’s affair with royalty is age-old. Men and women of royal kingdoms held cashmere shawls and scarves as a symbol of luxury and took pride in owning these exquisite beauties. Anything related to royalty has an increased aesthetic appeal, so is a cashmere scarf. This is all the more reason why you can proudly make it an essential part of your wardrobe collection.

yellow cashmere scarf

Cashmere scarf made with hair of the rarest goats

Mountain goats residing in the Himalayas at an altitude of above 15,000 feet deserve all the credit for cashmere’s richness. The hair is very soft, warm and delicate, thus transitioning into a knit that you love to wrap. Traditional craftsmen intricately weave these cashmere fabrics and sell it to the local markets. What can create a better effect than a handmade fabric in today’s mechanized world?

Available in different shapes and sizes

The versatility of cashmere scarves is unmatchable. You can get them in different shapes, sizes, colors and blends. It gives you an option to choose any one cashmere scarf and make it an accompaniment for your next outing. Oh, wait! You can always go for a bunch of these than buying just one and give a pump to your scarf collection.

Cashmere scarf goes perfectly with any outfit

The versatility transcends to its ability in accompanying most of the outfits, be it casual or formal. So, the next time you go for an office meeting or a presentation, make a style statement by simply matching and wrapping one of these scarves around your neck. Also, don’t miss on becoming a hot topic of discussion for that high-end scarf paired with your party dress.

High in demand

These scarves have a huge demand from all over the world. They have also started gaining newer western market shares, and have been a focus for ramp walks and fashion shows of reputed brands. So, mark it, ladies, the world’s obsession with cashmere is not going to end anytime soon.

Besides, they command high prices for their exquisite weave and knit. Depending upon the designing troupe, the prices may range between $50 and $750, with the higher slab going for the purest cashmere clothing with dual ply knit. However, the price is no match for the comfort they bring.

Easily available

The increasing market penetration has made sure you can get a cashmere scarf easily at a nearby departmental store or through e-commerce websites.

So, choose from the multiple options and indulge yourself in this high-end luxury; which apparently, is becoming affordable. Make sure to give it extra care with laundry wash instead of washing at home, and enjoy wrapping it longer with the color and shape intact.