Have a Dirty Cashmere Pashmina? Here’s How to Wash It

Washing a cashmere pashmina

Up from the hills of the Himalayas comes one of the finest wool – ‘pashm’ which creates the very enticing cashmere pashmina. Dating back to the Iranian and Mughal times, this heritage apparel has made its way to the fashion domain and is a ‘must-have’ garment both for men and women.

Coming in a variety of combinations as – knitted, cotton and silk, you must ensure complete care to these shawls. From using mild detergents and shampoos to using it carefully, you have to be very watchful while handling a pashmina.

It is the care that shows on the edges of pashminas and holds it strong for a lifetime.

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Cashmere Pashmina Echoing an Artistic Tale from the Past to the Present!

cashmere pashmina goats

If you wish to have that one apparel in your wardrobe which depicts a perfect combo of heritage and artistic skill, it is the Kashmiri cashmere pashmina. A piece of heritage spun from the topmost range of the world, this wrap not only comforts the wearer but also brings a unique charm to every garment it is used on.

Back in olden times, it was a symbol of ultimate craftsmanship with intricate embroidery, detailed printing and top-notch quality. In present times, this shawl is a fashion accessory, the owning of which surely makes the wearer stand tall amidst the crowd.

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What You Must Know Before You Get a Cashmere Pashmina This Season!

Cashmere pashmina

Extracted from the Chyangra goats of Kashmir and known as the ‘fabric of the royal’ – cashmere pashmina can be one of the most prized possessions in one’s wardrobe. Whether it quality of the silk or brightness of colors or for that matter, the embroidery, these shawls and scarves are truly one of its kinds!

However, how many times have you come across a scenario wherein the price has not matched the quality of this shawl? Also, you have felt cheated after buying something that is remotely known as cashmere? Precisely, the reasons for this is simple – lack of awareness of the finer details of this product.

As a faithful customer, you have simply bought what the online portal suggested to you as their best in collection. To ensure that such issues do not occur in future, here are some details that you must note about this product.

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How to Wash Your Cashmere Shawl in the Correct Manner?

Cashmere Shawl Selection

Imagine a scenario!

You have to attend a felicitation ceremony and definitely need to look your best. Hence, you decided to wear that backless black maxi dress and wrap yourself up with a fuchsia pink cashmere shawl. However, at the dinner, the juice spills and you have a bright orange spot on your shawl. Quite threatening for that amazing piece of heritage, is it not?

Well, such situations can occur at any time; so, one has to be prepared to deal with it. After all, it is a precious item and one should know all the tricks to ensure that its beauty is maintained.

Scroll down – here are some amazing tips!

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Doubtful About Pashmina and Cashmere? It’s the Same!

A cashmere pashmina pile

Are you a fan of online shopping? Or for that matter, does any format of shopping interest you? Well, then you must have faced ample situations wherein you have been tricked by certain fraudulent sellers. What was it this time? A cashmere pashmina that you thought you were getting at a lower price? That’s quite a pity; however, YOU ARE NOT THE ONLY ONE!

Going by the current rates, price of cashmere shawls cannot be anything less than $20-$50 in the international market. In case, you get it at a lower rate than this, there are high chances that you are being cheated.

So, what must you know to save yourself such fraudulence? Scroll down and take a look!

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