Mongolian Cashmere Company

Established in 1981,  The Mongolian Cashmere Company – Gobi Corporation is one of the 5 largest vertically integrated producers of pashmina shawl in the world. We process Cashmere and Camel wool and produce high quality finished products. Ecologically pure raw material of Mongolian Goat’s finest micron 100 percent cashmere are made with the latest technologies, and the latest techniques are applied in production.

Employing over 1,000 highly skilled personnel, the company annually processes 1,200 tons of raw cashmere and camel wool and produces 500,000 pieces of knitwear, 250,000 length-wise meters of woven textile fabrics and 25,000 pieces of bespoke tailored garments. Our capacity is enough for processing about a fifth of annual cashmere output of Mongolia, a country supplies about more than 30% of the global raw cashmere output.

Domestically, GOBI is the biggest pashmina brand, holding the 60% of domestic market share. The company’s Factory Store is the largest cashmere store in Mongolia occupying an area of 1,150sq.m.

Internationally, our pashmina products are exported to over 30 countries across 4 continents, including the EU, Russia, Japan, Korea, USA and Canada.

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